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Germany Wins the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil

Posted on July 15, 2014 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (254)

What we can do for you and why you should use our services

Posted on May 18, 2014 at 4:57 PM Comments comments (39)
Our office is located in Germany, north of Hamburg with close proximity to other parts of the country and easy access to Scandinavia such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

We can offer our office services to contact and maintain correspondence with clients for you and on your behalf. Our physical location can also be used as your Germany/Europe based virtual office address with local telephone number, postal and email services. This would enable you to present your international operation and presence to your clients and strengthen your competitiveness and readiness to do business internationally.

Our staff members speak English, Chinese, German and Hungarian which further enable us to operate internationally, expand and tap into new markets and opportunities.

We can assist you or find new clients for you and expand your clientele.

We can also represent you and your company at trade shows, trade fairs and exhibitions internationally anywhere in the world and in Europe without the need for you to do the traveling. You can save cost and time and focus on your other priorities and business activities.

We can also provide market research, market analysis; revise your marketing material and structure for you and for your needs with a European view for the European market.

The advantages for you to use our services are numerous:
1.we speak and communicate in multiple languages and know the local and European business culture.
2.we can travel anywhere in the world with you or on your behalf in a short notice and represent you or meet your clients. save cost on office rental and staff salaries. eliminate additional costs such as employee social security, health insurance and tax payments. need to have commitments such as employee entitlements, long absences due to illness, maternity leaves, holidays, holiday payments, hiring and/or firing and paying compensation and redundancy to employees.

One of our diverse specialties and industries - Healthcare

Posted on May 18, 2014 at 3:42 PM Comments comments (143)
We would like to introduce our services in assisting prospective international clients and companies in taking advantage of the vast resources and opportunities China has to offer and help you develop and expand your business operation in China with our motto in mind: “Go-Asia, Come to China.”

In the health care sector alone there are vast opportunities in China and the market is constantly booming. In 2014 alone, there are 700 hospitals to be built in China in need of advanced and reliable technology, medical equipment and services offered by international suppliers and manufacturers. No matter how small or large business you are, we can introduce you to China based clients, help you develop your business further and grow in this vast and promising market.  

We offer innovative solutions in marketing, market research, promotion and advertising campaigns. We would also like to offer to be your ‘local’ representative and agent with an office in China introducing your business and products thorough our contacts, utilizing our experience and knowledge of the Chinese market, customs, business culture and business environment.

You may ask why you would need or how your business would benefit from having an agent or representative in China? The simple fact is that Chinese clients are often reluctant to contact international businesses located overseas due to language barriers or other business cultural, administrative, cost or bureaucracy related reasons.  Our experienced colleagues, as local agents/representatives, speak both Chinese and English, can intermediate between you and your Chinese business partners and help your business through the initial hurdles and difficulties of entering, operating and prospering in the Chinese market.